Computer And Smartphone Repairing Video Game- Computer Repair Simulator

Computer And Smartphone Repairing Video Game- Computer Repair Simulator-Computer Repairing Tools

Today Computer and Smarphones are used every where in the world. Now a day the repairing of computer and smartphone  is not too difficult. Lots of tool are available online that can help how to repair computer and smartphone without going to any shop or computer hardware expert. In this article I am sharing a very perfect learning tool for people who want to repair smartphone /computer at home. The name of this tool is “Computer Repair Simulator” .This tool is a game but actually it is not just a game, it is a learning tool.

While playing this game you will learn how to repair computer and smarthphone. This game teaches you how a computer works and how to repair it. In this game you can learn about copper and fiber cable, server farms, networks (LAN, WAN, Wireless), LCD televisions, cell phones, computers / laptops, servers, server cabinets, cabinet cooling systems, remote monitoring systems, security, operating systems, and computer peripherals.


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