Ayat e Qutub Benefits Download Ayat e Qutub PDF

Ayat e Qutub Benefits, Download Ayat e Qutub PDF
Ayat e Qutub Benefits, Download Ayat e Qutub PDF

Today I am sharing one verse of Holy Quran which is also long verse of Holy Quran. This one verse covers four lines and its benefits are numerous. The blessing of this verse will not only solve your worldly problems, but domestic problems will be easy, but it will be frustrated and the future will also be made. This verse is 154 of the verse Al-‘Ali Imran Para 4. Its advantages are as follows:

Ayat e Qutub Benefits In Urdu
Ayat e Qutub Benefits In Urdu
Ayat E Qutub Ka Wazifa
Ayat E Qutub Ka Wazifa
Surah Al Imran Ki Fazilat In Urdu
Surah Al Imran Ki Fazilat In Urdu
Download Ayat e Qutub PDF
Download Ayat e Qutub PDF
Black Magic & Evil Sprites

Reading this verse 7 times and killing the patient’s eyes’ head and ears, these magic and genetics enter the paths they will turn off. Do this twice a day. The first and last is Abraham Ibrahimi. Insha’llah, the effects of genetics and magic will worsen, and the patient will be comforted. Read here complete method how to save from black magic or Kala Jadu ka tor taweez.

Skin Diseases

For all type of skin diseases like itchy skin, read 7 times ayat e qutub.

Children’s illness

The fear of small children ‘Do not cry’, ‘Do not drink’, ‘Do not miss the lesson’, weakening the eyes is Aksir for these diseases. Read the first and last Durood Ibrahimi 7 times in the morning and 7 in the evening. For example, continuous implementation of these days 7 days will end childbirth. Moreover, read How to make a baby stop crying.

Headache & Migraine

For the headache as well as migraine, read the first and last Durood Ibrahimi 21 times to kill the patient 21. Insha Allah will rest soon.


Any type of cancer or any part of the body is affected, ‘read 41 times in the morning and drain the patient’ and keep doing this daily till full health. ‘Inshallah will feel a lot of difference. 

Incurable Diseases

Incurable disease like prostate cancer or polio, read 41 times, read the last and last rites of Ibrahimi and stir on the patient, ‘Feed these patients, but feed them all day, if the water becomes low Put it ‘process it in the morning and repeat the same morning in the next morning.

Desired / Wishes / Any Purpose

First for any good purpose, Durood Ibrahimi 7 times read this verse and peel on the hands and then face the face, it will surely be successful.

Spinal Pain

Read the verse 3 times or 5 five times the first and last dreaded ibrahimi and throw it on the finger and apply it to the onset tooth or toothache ‘inspiration will have an immediate effect.

Insect Bite

If badly or snake disinfection, then read 21 times the verse, peel the affected part and both the pain and the poison will end.

Stomach & Gastric Issues 

Stomach in the gastrointestinal ‘liver disorder’ is a type of illness; there may be pain in the stomachs or pain of kidneys’ read this verse 7 times and pour water on the water and feed the patient all day long. ‘Do this same thing in evening.

General Physical Pain

Pain in any part of the body, the first and last Dudd-e-Sharif 7, read the same verse, and at least four times a day, every day, every kind of pain will end.

English Translation of Ayat e Qutub

Then after the setback, He sent down se-curity upon you. Slumber overcame some of you, while others cared only for themselves, thinking of Allah thoughts that were un-true—thoughts of ignorance—saying, “Is an-ything up to us?” Say, “Everything is up to Al-lah.” They conceal within themselves what they do not reveal to you. And they say, “If it was up to us, none of us would have been killed here.” Say, “Even if you Had stayed in your homes, those destined to be killed would have marched into their death beds.” Allah thus tests what is in your minds, and purifies what is in your hearts. Allah knows what the hearts contain.

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