7 Heart Attack Symptoms In Women

7 Heart Attack Symptoms In Women
7 Heart Attack Symptoms In Women

Women Heart Attack Symptoms are not as same heart attack symptoms in men. How do we get heart attack? Normally, a chest pain which could be severe later will occur. During recent survey, 43% women has never feel chest pain while in heart attack.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms can be differ on the base of following seven possible reasons. These could be dangerous, so don’t ignore and if you have feel any of such symptoms, then immediately contact heart specialist near from you.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms

7 possible women heart attack symptoms which could be dangerous is as under;

  • Tiredness

  • Chest Pain (light)

  • Extra Sweat

  • Vomiting

  • Difficulty in Breathing

  • Less Sleeping

  • Tensions


Tiredness will comes only when we work till couple hours. In-spite of it, when a woman feel tiredness without any work, it would be dangerous with respect to possible heart attack symptoms. Whenever you have to feel tiredness without any hard work then don’t hesitate to contact with your doctor near from you.

Chest Pain

Don’t ignore light chest pain because it would be most dangerous heart attack symptom. Sometimes light chest pain is also occur due to stomach gastric problem.

Extra Sweat

Some of people have extra sweat issue. Recent search will also declare extra sweat as possible heart attack symptom in women. Always remember that heart’s work in body is just like a mechanical pump.


We cannot ignore vomiting because in major cases of blood clot heart attack, vomiting occurs. So, if vomiting is not due to stomach or any other issue then ignorance of vomiting could be dangerous with respect to heart attack.

Difficulty in Breathing

Breathing and heart attack have amazing connection between them. In majority of heart attack cases, women feels difficulties while breathing. They just unable to breathe normal because of chest pain.

Less Sleep

It has been observed that before one month of heart attack, its patient have less sleep. If you are facing issue like less sleep, try to know actual reason behind this. After that you can analyze that less sleep is due to Women Heart Attack Symptoms or not.

Tension (Actual Women Heart Attack Symptoms)

Ups and downs are the part of life. Try to be happy in your life, even if you failed to get success in life. Just think about people who are living without basic necessities of life. Habit like always be happy will make your heart more healthy.

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Women Heart Attack Symptoms
Women Heart Attack Symptoms
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