5 Easy Home Remedies For Cold Sores On The Lips

Remedies For Cold Sores On The Lips
5  Easy Home Remedies For Cold Sores On The Lips

It is a viral disease characterized by the appearance on the skin, the mucous membranes of the small painful blisters filled with turbid fluid. These rashes are often called “a cold on the lips.” Through the treatment of colds folk remedies, be sure to comply with bed rest, often ventilate the room humidify the air in it. In the absence of appetite, do not force yourself to eat. Starts recovery and return appetite. But drink vitamin drinks a must. A good remedy for painful lesions is normal Valocordin. Often lubricate this medicine watery bubble for quick drying.

1- Cut some branches of raspberry bushes, use this recipe for the treatment of herpes: A few washed with running water thin twigs, cut into small pieces (1 cm). Chew in his mouth, until he receive the fine paste. It applies to the rash as often as possible. Branches of raspberry whole year rich in polyphenolic compounds that effectively inhibit the herpes virus.

2- So-called cold on the lips can be cured quickly with the help of fresh juice of the Kalanchoe house plant. Squeeze a few drops of leaves, carefully, trying not to damage bubbles, rub into the sore spot on the skin or mucous membranes.

3- If you have severe pain, burning, itching, apply to the affected place pieces of ice.

4- Lubricate rash Propolis tincture. This means they will dry quickly, which will accelerate recovery.

5- Some makes use of a toothpaste or tooth powder, mixed with soda and moistened to a state of pulp with hydrogen peroxide. After a lubrication wait until the composition of the well is dry, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

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