Benefits of Dates

Feel Changes in Your Body by Eating Three Dates Daily

What is healthy changes you feel in your body by eating three dates daily Certainly you should check?

The positive effect of dates cannot be denied on human body. Modern science also accepts this. Fiber in dates and other ingredients are useful healthy for us. If you eat 3 pieces everybody, you can save yourself from a number if harmful diseases.

It is a healthy meal for heart, liver and brain. It also gives strength to muscles and bones. It keeps stomach function very fresh. Their fibers especially are very healthy. It also smooths the digestive system. Magnesium is also one of the ingredient of these, which controls swelling body pains and lit of other harmful diseases. The fact is proven by the scientific research.
Research has also proven that data palm are can cause a easy delivery case for pregnant woman, feels less pain as compared the woman that does not use date during pregnancy period. This affect was proven by experts after experimenting on more than sixty-nine women.
Those woman who use dates before four weeks of delivery remain comfort. It is a very good medicine for the patients of heart and high blood pressure. It eating data palms controls and keep the blood circle in the veins very regular. Date palm keep the hear strong due to the presence of potassium is dates. It also reduces of the fear of attach and heart failure as well.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published research on date palm that, B-6 ingredient makes the nervous system very strong and also increases the mental strength and also wide the function of the brain.

Benefits of Dates In Urdu

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