5 Reasons Of Swelling On The Feet

5 Reasons Of Swelling On The Feet
5 Reasons Of Swelling On The Feet

If you take too much pain, swollen legs and shoe wear it hard to understand why it is happening and the risk of developing a serious disease of the mind. The good news is that often nothing more serious to happen. Below are a few common causes of falls resulting in more of the bloated or puffed legs than usual.

Tight Shoes

If you like a shoe but it was very tight, so it’s no good for the health of the feet. Bandages tight shoes or sandals are strictly applied the ankle lead to resistance in blood circulation in the legs. The result seems legs are swollen, if you are wearing a shoe swollen leg will be treated just the same because it is a new shoe.

Standing All Day

If because of your busy schedule, you may often suffer from swollen legs. Living day to stand or walk on the body can lower the leg swelling. According to experts, brings comfort to comfort her legs for some time while standing during a right which does not have blood swelling. However, not even a good night’s sleep is proven enough to scare away.

Circulatory Disturbances

If you are both swollen legs and any of the three things above may be the result of disturbances in blood it is not because of this. Which is perhaps not working properly when the arteries, also known as the flower of the veins of the legs and affected normal blood circulation, or blood clot. When this occurs, should immediately go to the doctor because it may also be a cause of heart attack and stroke.


Fungal bacteria or infection causes itching in the legs, which, however, suffer from inflammation of the feet moving. When this happens, you should use the doctor and prescription medications in order to get rid of the swelling problem.

Body Weight Gain

Body weight gain also be brought happens, this solution is that the body weight returns to normal during this because it is an additional burden to the legs, which causes swelling of the leg pregnancy.


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