Wazifa for Financial Problems Rizk Ki Tangi ka Hal

Wazifa for Financial Problems Rizk Ki Tangi ka Hal
Problem Solving Skills & Problem Solving Activities

Problem Solving on its initial stages is best for your health. First we have to know “what is problem definition” Problem is simply can described as “Any hurdle which effect work or job in shape to end work”. The same is effect your health when you use extra work. This extra work can make you tired. Know how tiredness end in few minutes.

Use following problem solving skills which are surely helpful to you in order to finish the job in time. No Tiredness and hurdle will remains. These are the best also for your health point of view. Try to adopt these problem solving activities in daily routine life and stay healthy always.

Problem Solving Skills

The ability to solve problem on its initial stage is known as problems solving skills. These skills are God gifted skills, however, if we want to get these skills, practice is required for that. Due to these skills, a person can easily solve problems on initial stages and safe his health & wealth by big loss.

Problem Solving Activities

When we have adopt some skills into our daily routine life, it knows as problems solving activities. For example, a person knows that when he go to office late, He knows as late comers. To sort out from this situation, he just need to come on time. This would called an activity. Similarly, we have a lot of examples which are real activities to end such problems.

How to Safe Your Health & Wealth By Problem Solving

If a person have a lot of problems in its life, then depression will also be raised day by day. Resultantly, on extreme depression, he will lose his health or life as well. So, adopt such activities or skill which are real solution of minor or major problems.

Surah Al Maidah Ayat Number 114

To sort out health problems on its initial stages, just recite Verse # 114 of Chapter AL-Mai-Da, daily only eleven times. This would be ever best treatment at home level.

You can download Surah Maidah PDF and MP3 from link given below.

Download Surah Maidah MP3

Download Surah Maidah PDF

Surah Maidah ki Fazilat

In the verses  of Surah Maidah, it is mentioned that the disciples of Hazrat Issa demanded food from the heaven. He prayed to Allah for it. It is a reason its name is Maidah and there are several Surah Maidah benefits. Here we share with you surah al maidah wazifa for financial problems or Rizk Ki Tangi ka Hal.

Surah Al Maidah is in Para 7 of Holy Quran. This surah has 16 Rukus and 120 Ayahs. It is called Madani Surah as it was revealed in the holy city of Medina. However, one of its Ayats was revealed in holey city of Mecca on the Day of Arafah during Hajjatul Wida. Below you can read some benefits of Surah Maidah.

Surah Maidah Benefits

There are several benefits of Surah Maidah. As per Sunan Abu Dawood Hadith No 812, Marwan bin a-hakkam said: Zaid bin Thabit asked me: Why do you recite short Surahs in the sunset prayer? I saw the Prophet of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) reciting two long surahs at the sunset prayers.

I asked him: which are those two long surahs? He replied: Al-A’raf and al-an’am. I (the narrator Ibn Juraij) asked Ibn Mulaikah about these surahs. He said on his own accord Al-ma’idah and al-A’raf. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)  also recited it during the night prayer. He offered four rak’ahs of prayer and recited in them Surah al-Baqarah, Aal Imran, an-Nisa, al-Ma’idah, or al-An’am.

Benefits of Surah Maidah

1. ReciteAyat # 54 of Surat Al Maidah on sweet for love between family.

2. Recite Ayat # 114 of Surah Al Maidah,11 times every day. Recite Durood Sharif 11 times in the beginning and in the end. Then blow toward the sky, praying in mind for Rizq. If you do this wazifa with full concentration regularly, you will be showered with Rizq and it is soluctin of your Financial Problems Rizk Ki Tangi ka Hal.

3. Recites Surah Maidah on every Thursday,you would remain safe from wrong doing.

Wazifa for Love Between Husband and Wife

Husband or wife can do this wazifa for each other anytime during the day. Time is not fixed, like other wazaif.

  • Take some sweet.

  • Do Ablution(Wohzu).

  • Then Sit on a prayer mat.

  • Recite Durood Ibrahimi 11 times. 

  • Then recite 300 times the Ayat # 17 of Surat Al-Maidah with Bismillah Shareef every time.

  • Again recite Durood Ibrahimi 11 times.

  • Blow on the sweet.

  • Now wife and husband eat this sweet.

  • Keep doing this wazifa for 41 days.

  • Only Stop in menses period of female, then continue.

Wazifa to Remove Financial Crisis in Earning Money
  • Wuzu banakar pak saf jagah beth jaye.

  • “Bismillah HirRahmaan NirRaheem” 

  • Sūrat Al-Ma’idah ki ayat # 114 ko 7 martaba har martaba Bismillah Shareefke sath parhiye.

  • Ye wazifa rozana aik bar kijiye kisi bhi namaz ke bad.

  • Insha ALLAH kuch hi roz main financial crisis katam ho jayen ge.

Wazifa for Financial Problems
  • Make a fresh ablution.

  • Sit in a clean place on prayer mat.

  • Recite “Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem”

  • Recite Sūrat Al-Mā‘idah Verse Number 114  7 times with Bismillah Shareefevery time.

  • Then, face upwards towards the sky and blow on towards the sky; and

  • Make a dua with devotion and humbleness to get rid from financial problems.

Wazifa for Financial Problems In Urdu

surah maidah ayat no 114

surah maidah ayat no 114 benefits

surah al maidah ayat number 114 3

surah al maidah 114

Surah Al Maidah Wazifa For Earning Money

surah al maidah wazifa For Earning Money

Surah Al Maidah Ayat 114 Benefits

surah al maidah ayat 114 benefits

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