Tips To Avoid Heat Stroke Fever

Tips To Avoid Heat Stroke
Tips To Avoid Heat Stroke Fever 

The temperature will remain between 42 degree centigrade to 48 degree centigrade, which is too hot and cause of Heat Stroke. In this season, stream of heat has also affected with skin and human body. The rays of sunshine also were dangerous with respect to the eyes. So, be careful when you go outside. Don’t forget to use sun glasses when you move in sunlight. Avoid moving between peek hot hours, i.e. 10 am to 4 pm.

If you are suffering skin allergy then don’t move outside of your home in aforesaid timings. Use P-Cap while moving on your head, if it was necessary to move. If someone feels fever symptoms in this hot season (because of violation of aforesaid measures), then it is necessary to contact physician quickly. Moreover, to avoid fever due to heat stroke in June.

Tips to Avoid from Heat Stroke

Tips To Avoid Heat Stroke Fever 

Following are some important measures and tips are enlisted which will so affective to sort out these problems.

Important Measures and Tips

Try to drink more.

Avoid Extra and Unnecessary Work

Don’t Move Outside During Peak Hot Hours (10a.m to 4p.m).

Only eat Digestive Friendly Foods in minimum quantity.

Avoid extra eating.

Always Covers Your Skin While movement in Sunshine.

Rub Your Skin Wet Towel & Decrease Body Temperature.

Types of Fever

There are two main types of fever, which occurs due to heat strokes.

1- Fever Due To Heat Stroke

The main 06 Symptoms of this type of fever are as follows.




Increase of heart beat.

Extreme body pain.

Muscular tension.

2- Fever Due to Heat Stream

This type of fever will occurs due to heat stream directly affected by the body. Affected person was following Symptoms;

Extreme Headache.

Dry and Hot Skin.


High Body Temperature.


Mind Stress.

What i do in fever due to heat stroke?

As we indicated earlier that body temperature will rise in this fever and sometimes it will remain constant 104 centigrade which is very dangerous for patients. We have enlisted the following most important things which you can perform while suffering a heat stroke fever.

Lay Down With Cool and Dry Place.

Feet and leg position at higher side.

Decrease the room temperature.

Take More Drinks.

Rub Forehead With Cold Water wet Towel. 

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