Tips for online earning

Tips For Online Earning

Can you hear or see any application that is not only free but you can also earn some money through this application. Here I tell you 5 such application that’s are not only free but you can also earn money through these application. You only have download and install the application and follow the instruction and to do this you can able to earn money.

In word of Internet many such applications deceive you , so carefully read the instruction and also comments / experiences of users. They can help you to choose application or not.

Here Are 5 Applications, Through You Can Earn Money Online.

Whaff Rewards (

This website is very popular for earning money online. Actually this application advertises other new applications. So you need to install these new applications and use some application permanently. You are also asked to invite your friends to use these application. This application is only available in Anroid Smart Phones.

When your income is around 10$ you can receive your income through Paypal or can get gift card from different sites i.e Facebook, Google, Xbox.

ESPN Streak for the Cash (

This website invite you to predict about matches like football, basketball. If your predication is accurate then you are enrolled for competition to this web, and as soon as your next predication are accurate you are able to earn money. This website divide    annually $ 1,200,000 between all winners.

Apptrailers (www.

This application can give money only for watching videos. In fact this application advertised trailers of new applications. You are asked to use there Demo Version for using these Demos you can get extra points.

Scoopshot (

If your smart phones have a good camera, then you only take a beautiful picture or video and share these pictures or videos in this web. If some one buy your picture, the price of your picture is given to you. This web site also arrange competition for all registered users of there pictures and videos. The decision of winner is made through votes.

MintCoins (

This is also an interesting website for earning. After installation of this application on your smartphone you asked to play some games, visit the given websites, register with these websites. By doing this, you will be paid. If you register others friends you can also give extra money for example if you register 1 person you will be given $0.25 and etc. if you arranged 4 person you earned $ 1.00.

Tips for online earning in Urdu





Tips for online earning in Urdu

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