Tib e Nabvi Se Ilaj Smartphone Application

Tib e Nabvi Se Ilaj Smartphone Application

This application provides information on hundreds of ways you can heal your medical problems Islamically. Sunnate nabvi se Ilaj ka tarika janne k lie is book ko parhiye. Muhammad S.A.W ki zindagi se apne ilaj k tareke janiye aur islamic tareke se sehatyabi payie. Tib e Nabvi remedies are followed vastly by Muslim community in the whole world. He was provided with treasures of knowledge of every field and therefore he knew the best treatments for many diseases which is available to us today in the form of Tib e Nabvi.  Rasool Allah(SAW) whenever treats his own diseases and someone else health problems Hazarat Muhammad(SAW) recommends them some medical tips from which people definitely get benefit. In front of these remedies any other physician remedies are outdated. In tib-e-nabvi there are two Types of diseases one is heart and second is bodily disease. These both types are mentioned in Quran.

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