Silent Signs of Kidney Stones You May Not Know Before

Signs of Kidney Stones
Silent Signs of Kidney Stones You May Not Know Before

May be several reasons for stones in kidneys, as less water to drink, the presence of patients, specific foods, especially foods high in salt and calcium, obesity, diabetes, gastroenteritis and urinary stone surgery, etc. Kidney stones can affect any part of the groove, and get them out can be very painful.

Usually no more damage, pain-relieving drugs and drink too much water is enough for an ordinary stone weed, but if they have to be made then surgery due to complications or urinary tract.

Diagnosis often stones in the kidneys in adults only occur when they feel down very severe pain, pain that belly from the side and rear bottom of the ribs, or a pain in waves and vibration intensity the feel of the doctor.

Going around the stomach and back pain is sudden and obvious sign of this. According to medical experts, experience sudden severe pain in the form of stones in the kidneys, and surprising it is that the stone size is not related to pain, very small stones can cause painful cramps large stones can be painful. Another warning sign is blood in the urine, nausea, vomiting, yellowish hue to incur excessive emission of sweat and pain intensity, etc. As a result of a few types of stones encounter infection that causes fever. 

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