Natural Remedy For Weakened Eyesight

Natural Remedy For Weakened Eyesight
Natural Remedy For Weakened Eyesight

When the human eye begins to falter, whether in adults or in the youngest children, the conventional method of treatment is to call in the assistance of compensating lenses. The claim that is made for these lenses is that they neutralize the effects or symptoms of the conditions which are present as the cause of the failing function.

A well-known Russian surgeon had introduced such a treatment in the era of 60, with the help of this people with weakened eyesight was treated. Let us show you how to treat it.


1- Aloe Vera 100g.

2- Crushed Walnuts 500 Grams.

3- Honey 300 Grams.

4- Juice of 4 Lemons.

The Method Of Preparation:

Wash Aloe Veragel extracted from the leaves and mix the remaining ingredients in the gel. Now eat this mixture half an hour before meals three times a day in this solution until you feel better in your eyes.

Remedy For Weakened Eyesight In Urdu
Remedy For Weakened Eyesight final
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