How to use Secret Message on Facebook

How to use Secret Message on Facebook

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Now a day almost all the instant messenger services have introduced the end to end encryption. Facebook also have option to their user to start Secret Conversations using feature on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has enabled the feature in tune with the trend to start a Secret Conversation with your friends through Facebook Messenger. In this article you can find how to use Secret Conversations feature on Facebook Messenger, Secret Message On Facebook Messenger, encryption news and Facebook messenger end to end encryption.

Why You Need Secret Conversation on Facebook?

The major reason you would need to use Secret Conversations feature option is safeguarding your privacy and  your online identity. Why you need to use Secret Conversation on Facebook? The answer is that there is a constant threat from several quarters then there are hackers and the government intelligence agencies to look your activities or conversation. If you want to hide your personal life from the the public, you will be in need of the end to end encryption using the option of Secret Conversation on Facebook.

What is Secret Message On Facebook Messenger?

Secret message or conversation means the messages will remain encrypted between you and the recipient. No one can interpret the messages between you and the recipient, including the company itself. WhatsApp is the largest end to end encrypted instant messenger service. But the encryption feature on Facebook differs from what you observe on WhatsApp. Whereas WhatsApp has enabled the end to end encryption feature and made it mandatory, on the other hand Facebook Messenger has kept it as an option not mandatory for all users. The end to end encryption ensures that your messages will remain just between you and your contact. No one will have access to the message that was shared between you two. The end to end encryption ensures that you and your profile will stay safe.

How to use Secret Message on Facebook?

Facebook has made it quite simple to use the  Secret Conversation feature. Here is how you can use the secret conversation feature on Android.  You are free to configure the timer if you want the message to disappear after the stipulated time.

  • Launch Facebook Messenger.

  • Open a conversation with a contact, whom you want to start secret conversation.

  • Tap the  icon at top right corner.

  • Tap on Secret conversation

  • Start the conversation.

Facebook Policy Regarding Secret Conversation

According to the policy of Facebook. You can send the following items via secret conversation.

  • Messages

  • Stickers

  • Images

But there are some restrictions on what you can use the secret conversations. You will not be able to use the following features on secret conversation.

  • Group Messaging

  • Voice or video calls

  • Payments

  • GIFs

How to delete Secret Message

You can delete the secret conversations you had with your contacts. Please note that deleting the messages from your device will not delete them from the recipient’s phone. Follow the steps below to delete your secret conversations.

  • Launch Messenger.

  • Tap on Profile icon.

  • Scroll down and choose Secret Conversation.

  • Tap on Delete Secret Conversations

  • Tap Delete All.

That is the procedure to how you can send and receive Secret Messages on your Facebook Messenger. If you are on an iPhone or iPad the procedure is slightly different from Android. To start secret conversation on your iPhone open Facebook Messenger, Go to Home tab, Press the PLUS icon. Tap on Secret on top right corner, Choose the message recipient, Start your secret conversation.

 How to use Secret Message on Facebook

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