How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast, Dant Dard Ka Fori Ilaj

How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast, Dant Dard Ka Fori Ilaj
How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast, Dant Dard Ka Fori Ilaj

Severe toothache is difficult to bear at any cost. Generally, tooth pain will occurs in result of inflammation of the center and soft part of the tooth. This pain will have several reasons behind it. Firstly you have to know about reasons or causes behind the same. Here we enlisted symptoms, causes and 05 minutes cure remedy for severe tooth pain.

Symptoms of Tooth Pain

Pain in teeth or mouth jaw is main symptom of a toothache. However, type of pain will appear in different ways, which could as follows:

1. Constant Pain

Patient will feel a constant stream of severe pain in his teeth or mouth jaw. To bear the pain is too difficult because of continuously pain stream.

2. Pain Occurs On Applying Pressure

When a force applied on tooth by teeth jaws, a pain stream will occurs. This stream of pain is also painful and harming.

Pain Due To Swelling

Due to different reasons, gums has infected and also be swelled. In such case, toothache will also present. Sometimes the intensity of pain will high.

Infection in a tooth

Pain will also occurs in case of infection in teeth or in a tooth. Second thing which is more important to say here that in case of infection, patient has bad taste of mouth. He cannot enjoy the taste of food as in actual.

Fever or headache

It has also be seen that when a person suffering with fever or severe headache, pain streams also be comes from routes of teeth towards the edge.

Main Causes of Teeth Pain

As we described earlier, teeth pain is a result of inflammation of center part of the tooth. Pain can have different causes which can be as bellows:


Cavities are teeth decays and main cause of pain. Cavities will form due to different sweet foods or improper cleaning of teeth.

Infection at roots of teeth

If infection will occur in bottom of jaw or roots of your teeth then it will also affect teeth in sort of severe pain. You have to resolve issues regarding infections.

Breakage of teeth

Breakage of teeth can also be a cause of pain. Moreover, teeth infection will also be generated owning to broken teeth.

Improper Fillings

Improper filling of empty cavities may also be cause of pain stream. As cavities, improper filling is also main cause of teeth pain.

Motions (chewing or grinding)

The motion of teeth jaws plays an important role. If someone is regular chewing or grinding something with the help of jaws then there will be maximum chance of occurrence of pain.

Infected gums

Gums will affected owing to different reasons. If gums has infected then visit to your nearest dental clinic on top priority basis. Sometimes whole jaw will also affect due to gum’s infection.

Food Behavior

Some behaviors of different foods may also start pain stream in your teeth. They are known as “triggers”. The behavior or foods are as follow;

  • Cold Drinks

  • Cold Foods

  • Sweet Foods

  • Biting down forcibly

  • Putting any pressure on the tooth

How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast

how to stop tooth pain fast

Dant Dard Ka Fori Ilaj

Dant dard ka fori ilaj

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