Health Benefits Of Figs On Human Body

Health Benefits Of Figs Tonic
Health Benefits Of Figs On Human Body
Figs Is A Best Natural Tonic For Human Body And Health

Researchers confirmed that the fruits of fresh or dried figs are a better stimulant substance for athletes, because they are one of the most essential sources of energy-rich human body which help him to practice different activities. Nutrition experts explained that the power granted by the fruits of figs mainly of sugars that the body can absorb easily after about half an hour of covered off, and containing dried ones of the eight to about 60 percent of the sugar, a high proportion, nor result in digested any toxic waste, salt is one of the most important food-energy and emitting the activity, according to the most of practicing physical activities stressful.

The researchers pointed out that dried figs indispensable element calcium is essential for building bones and teeth, and that the fruits of the fig-rich fruits natural fiber with the many health benefits such as prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol in the blood. Patients with advised chronic constipation to eat some fruits from the fresh or dried figs on an empty stomach for several days.

Figs also useful in getting rid of cough where he works to rid the airways of excess mucus accumulated out and sent off to the outside and so it is especially useful food for patients with bronchial asthma and bronchitis. 

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