Download MP3 Quran With Urdu Translation

Download MP3 Quran With Urdu Translation-Al-Quran Pro Android Application

Here I am sharing a beautiful mobile app named “Al-Quran Pro Android Application”   Al-Quran Pro is a full and free Quran application for Android. There are many features, Complete Quran (114 Surah) with 27 Translations of different languages, and Audio MP3 Recitation of all Surah’s of the full Quran Kareem with all famous Reciters Ayah by Ayah Auto Play Telawah audio.  You can download recitations, View , Translations, Add unlimited Bookmarks, Notes & Tags. Also read the Quran in Arabic Uthmani script with access to almost 40 Translations. In this application all features are free without locked.

Quran With Urdu Translation

Amazing Features of Al-Quran Androd Application
  • Easy Ayat & Surah Search. Easy and fast Surah Index List.

  • GoTo any Ayah of the present Surah.

  • Audio Recitations Android Phones & Tabs.

  • Arabic Uthmani Script. Read the Quran in beautiful uthmani font specially optimized for android platform.

  • Almost 40 Translations

  • Translations include: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam & lots more.

  • Advanced Koran Search Engine allows you to: Search the Arabic Quran text.

  • Easily share the verses from you’re search results.

  • Easy Bookmarks continue reading from where you left.

  • Verse by verse audio recitation Quran Mp3 in 3 different languages. Audio features like: Play, Rewind, Stop and Pause- Play any verse.

  • Repeat play options

  • App  Works with Almost all Android Phones & Tabs.

  • Screen will not turn-off while you are reading.

  • Recitation audio in voice of 7 Qari.

  • Screen will not turn-off while you are reading.

Special Option for Memorizer/Hafiz Quran
  • Repeat each Ayah 2 times.

  • Repeat each Ayah 5 times.

  • Repeat each Ayah 10 times.

  • Repeat Ayah Unlimited times.

  • Repeat Surah Unlimited times.

It is fully free of cost Quran application that benefits its users to easily understand their translation and Tafseer of Holy Quran very efficiently. Kindly don’t forget to share this application. If you would like to help spread the Deen of Allah SWT to others, please share with your friends and family whatever you can. Insha’Allah you will be rewarded with Sadaqah e Jarriyah.



Free App Download

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