All Mobile Phones Secret Code List With Tips and Tricks

All Mobile Phones Secret Code List With Tips and Tricks

The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. In this article I will tell you mobile phones secrets code list tips and tricks. These tips are for all mobile phones to unlock SIM, key paid and security lock. All Mobile Phones Secret Code List including Samsung mobile code, Hawaii Mobile Code, Apple Mobile Code, iPhone code, Nokia code, Q Mobile code and all Android Smart Phone code. I hope these tips and tricks are relly helpful for all mobile users and mobile technicians.

Mobile phone manufacturer companies made secret codes to help user to recover forgotten user password, to check specifications like IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity. 

What Is Mobile Phones Secret Code 

Mobile phone secret codes are the digital codes assigned to the mobile software by the user for the security purpose. They are also called password to open the specific program. These codes are helpful in protecting your mobile form an unauthorized use. There are also some secret codes which allow you to check software version of your mobile phone, IMEI, Reset Factory Setting Code and deactivate SIM lock codes. Some of these secret codes are mentioned below.

Nokia Mobile Phones Secret Code

IMEI Number : *#06#

Software Version: *#0000#lub#*#9999#

SIM Lock Info : *#92702689#

SIM Card Lock Status: #p w + 1234567890 + 4

To Reset Mobile : *7780#

Sony Mobile Phones Secret Code 

IMEI Number : *#06#

Software Version: *#8377466#

Warm Start: Hole C and Press 179

Instant Turn Off: Hold C and Press 999

Unlock Menu: Hold C and Press 787090

Reset To Default: *73738#

Software Version: *2820#

SIM Lock Information: *#3210#

Net Lock Information: *8140#

Samsun Mobile Phones Secret Code 

IMEI Number : *#06#

Software Version: *#9999#albo*#0837#

Software Version: *9999#

Hardware Version: *#8888#

For Help Menu : *#998*4357# 

Net Monitor : *#0324#

Changing LCD Contrast: *#0523#

Reset SIM Lock :      *2767*3855#

Reset Custom Memory: *2767*2878#

Debug screens: *#998*324#

LG Mobile Phones Secret Code 

LG all model test type: 2945*#01*#

IMEI : *#06#

Software Version: *#07#

Factory Reset: #PWR668

Reset Phone: put off SIM from mobile and enter 277634#*#

Philips Mobile Phones Secret Code 

IMEI Number : *#06#

Software Version: *#2254*#

Debug Mode: *2255*#

Warm Start: *#2565*#

Security Code: *#7489*#

Activate & De activate Sleep Mode: *#7693*#

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