Which Is Best Inverter AC In Pakistan, Price & Review

Which Is Best Inverter AC In Pakistan, Price & Review
Which Is Best Inverter AC In Pakistan, Price & Review

In the summer season use of Inverter AC is the best option to cool down room temperature and stay cool. Inverter AC can reduce your electricity bills and give more facilities as compared to old AC. If you are going to market for purchase a new Inverter AC, you will see a lot of brands AC. If you have not knowledge then you face problem to decide right size and right brand of AC, that’s why in this article we are giving you information about top best Inverter AC which information will be very beneficial for you.

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List Of Top Best Inverter AC
List Of Top Best Inverter AC
1. Orient Ultron-e-comfort

Orient is the best and most popular company in Pakistan Orient Ultron-e-comfort inverter AC is a best quality which has smart and sleek design. It has two in one system with heating and cooling. It has gold fin evaporator, build in energy meter, low voltage operation.

2. Haier full DC inverter

Haier brand have many products like refrigerator, LCDs, air conditioner. Haier full DC inverter is best model is HSU-18HN which have 1.5-ton weight. It has sleek body design, Fast air circulation speed.

3. Gree GS-12 CITH

Gree AC are expensive but best brand in inverter AC. Gree GS-12 CITH is the best model, extremely reliable and efficient. It has many features such as Both heating and cooling system, Fast cooling speed, Ideal for 15 sq feet room size, High speed DSP chip, Fire proof electric box, Double layer condenser.

4. Dawlance Splint Inverter 0.75 Ton

Dawlance is the most popular and oldest company working in Pakistan. It has many best quality products like refrigerator and ail conditioner. Dawlance splint inverter AC have fast cooling speed, efficient performance, Fast cooling speed, Long air throwing, Fire proof control box, both heating and cooling system, Sleep mode available, Multiple features of programming.

5. Samsung Triangle Invertor Split AC

Samsung have many popular products like mobile phones, LCDs, washing machine, refrigerator and best quality of Inverter Split AC. Samsung brand is very expensive than other brands but its quality and features are much more according their price like auto air cleaning process, fine production, built-in stabilizer, More than 60% energy saving, Golden fine production, Auto air cleaning process.

6. ECO-Star Inverter Air Conditioner

ECO star is a brand which have many products available in market like LEDs, TVs and AC. ECO-Star has a partnership with Gree so no doubt its quality is reliable. ECO Star Invertors are very economical with many features like 18000 BTUs which allow to cooling 18 sq feet room. 

7. PEL Inverter AC

PEL brand is the name of trust because its product quality is best. PEL, Dawlance and Gree inverter AC are almost similar to each other but their prices are different. PEL is better in each of these due to their high-quality technology and equipment’s. and many other unique feature like It has both options cooling and heating system, Allow air purifications, 10-years warranty, Fast and powerful cooling system, Best quality of technology.

8. Kenwood KET Inverter AC

Kenwood highly Inverter AC are available in market with low cost. It will save your money because its technology is specially designed to reduce electricity and your monthly bills. Kenwood also have many features like it provides both heat and cooling function, Self-cleaning function, 4D air flow, Eco-friendly aspects, Sleep mode available.

9. Changhong Ruba Heat And Cool Dc Inverter

It is the Chinese brand working in Pakistan with much cheaper rates. Changhong Ruba Inverter AC can cool 180 sq feet room and have 3 years warranty. It has many features like Double layer condenser, Turbo cooling and heating system, 70% energy saving system, Golden fins evaporator and condenser, 100% full chopper connecting pipe, 18000 capacity cooling system, New control PCB.

10. Mitsubishi Inverter Split Series AC

Mitsubishi Inverter AC available in market Rs. 94000/- range with 1.5-ton capacity. It has 3 years store warranty. Like other popular products of Mitsubishi Inverter AC is also have best efficiency features.

11. Homage Prism Inverter Split Air Conditioner

Homage Prism Inverter Split AC was the new company in Pakistan which manufactured best quality of Inverter AC. It has many features like DC inverter compressor, Heat and cooling function, Sleep mode available, 100% pure copper installation kit, Gold fin production, Hidden Led display, Easy cleaning process, 3D air flow, Long distance air flow. 

12. Panasonic inverter AC

Panasonic is the also one of the most popular brand working in Pakistan. It always use advanced technology, high durability and high degree of functionality. It was the best and oldest company working in Pakistan. It has both cooling and heating system Inverter AC with key features.

Prices Of Top Brand Inverter AC With Their Names

These prices are not 100% accurate as compared to market rates; these are round about, according 2020-2021 rate lists which can be changed by the company at any time.

inverter ac price in pakistan

Prices of Orient Inverter AC = 1 Ton In Rs. 60,000/-
Prices of Haier Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs. 74,000/-
Prices of Gree Inverter AC = 1 Ton In Rs. 66,000/-
Prices of Dawlance Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs. 69,500/-
Prices of Samsung Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs. 10,6000/-
Prices of Eco-Star Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs.  65,000/-
Prices of PEL Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs.  71000/-
Prices of  Kenwood KET Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs.  68,500/-
Prices of  Kenwood Changhong Ruba Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs.  66,000/-
Prices of  Mitsubishi Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs 1,65000/-
Prices of  Homage Prism Inverter AC = 1.5 Ton In Rs 70,000/-
Prices of  Panasonic Inverter AC = 2 Ton In Rs 100,000/-
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