Treatment For Headaches

Homeopathic Treatment For Headaches

The most common reason for headache is stress. This may be due to any reason i.e mental stress, migraine headaches, improper sleep, staying hungry more than usual if the eating routing of a person is disturbed it can cause headache. Eating too much or eating something in particular, alcohol or drugs.  Another common factory of headache is loud noise.

Homeopathic does not favour the use of temporary painkillers for the treatment of headaches. Homeopathy tires to go deep down into the cause of the problem and completely eradicate the tendency of a patient to have these headaches. That is why it takes some time for the medicines to show results. Homeopathy do not a temporary effect like painkillers. Homeopathic medicines have long term effects and completely cure the problem. Use homeopathic medicines at home when you or your children have headaches. It ís often difficult to choose the right medicine for a headache. So many headaches are made better or worse by the same factors, and many remedies cover these common modalities. General symptoms are your best guide in choosing the medicine. In this post I will share some homeopathic medicines which will help the majority who suffer from headaches.

Type of Headaches

Headaches are divided into two categories tension headaches and migraines.

  1.    Tension Headache

In tension headaches, there’s too much pressure in the blood vessels, which causes tensing of the muscles around the head, the neck and upper back.

  1.     Migraines

In migraines, on the other hand, the body is disconnected from the head. When the blood flows to the head, there is a feeling of pressure and the tension increases.

Homeopathic Treatment For Headaches

Belladonna – Best for migraine

Belladonna is one of the most frequently used Homeopathic medicines for migraine headaches. The headache is violent and throbbing in character. There is throbbing pain in the temporal region. Pain starts suddenly without any symptoms. For throbbing, pulsating migraine headaches, Homeopathic medicine Belladonna shows best results. Belladonna works well for migraine headaches in any part of the head. It proves useful even when light or noise worsen the pain.

Nux Vomica – Best for gastric troubles

Nux vomica is a very effective Homeopathic medicine for gastric troubles which can come on after overindulgence in food or drink or after overwork. The headache may be located in any part of the head. The person feels the need to press the head against something hard for relief.

Chamomilla – Best for Hypersensitive

Chamomilla  is useful when the patient is hypersensitive to pain when a little headache feels enormous and the complaining seems extreme. The face may be red and hot on one side and pale on the other.

Glonoine – Best for congestive headaches

 Glonoine is very suitable homeopathic medicine for congestive headaches. There is a rush of blood to the head. Heat and redness of the face and head is seen.

Cocculus – Best for back head headaches

Cocculus is excellent for headaches in the back of the head that are accompanied by vertigo and nausea. They come on after loss of sleep and the constriction can feel as if the brain is rolled into a small ball. These headaches are worse after riding in a car or being exposed to cold air.

Choose the medicine according to your symptoms and take it every after every two hours until improvement begins.

Homeopathic Treatment For Headaches

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