Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes About Life & Love

Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes About Life & Love
14 Beautiful Quran Quotes Verses About Life & Love

Beautiful Quran Quotes verses are selected from 29 different chapters of Quran. Quran quotes on love, beautiful quran quotes, inspirational quran quotes, beautiful quran quotes about life, beautiful quran quotes in urdu, Beautiful quran quotes on peace. Most powerful dua has the ability to change your life completely. Everyone wants to be a happy, wealthy and healthy life in this world. Do you know about ayat e qutab, read it. The peoples whom are living happily, have hard struggle behind their successful life. Today, we will discuss on happiness as well as on following:

  • Things which brings happiness.

  • Things which brings happiness.

  • Struggles For Hardworking.

  • Beautiful Quran Quotes

Reasons Of Sadness

Sadness have many reasons with it. In my point of view, bad Attitude of your relatives, friends and other persons which met you in your daily life, is one of the biggest reason which creates sadness. Bad Attitude and manner could heart us and if you want to happy, be careful with attitudes. In following, we have enlisted some major reasons of sadness;

  • Strange Attitude

  • Bad manners

  • Miss Behavior

  • Failure to achieve the life’s Goal

  • Bad Health

  • Poverty (Important).

Things Which Brings happiness Good Attitude with true manners always wins hearts. If you want to be happy person, keep caring all of the little things in relationships. If you cares then others will also care. Following we have enlisted small solutions steps which you can adopt easily to live a happy life:

  • Good Attitude

  • Adopt Friendly Manner

  • Always Keep Smile On Face

  • Care little Things

  • Always Speak Truth

  • Give Respect to Elders

  • Give Love to Youngers

  • Keep Patience In Response of Bad Behavior

  • Keep Hardworking

Struggle For Hard Working & Beautiful Quran Quotes

It has been observed that happiest persons have lot of struggle behind their successes. So, hardworking considered as basic key to achieve successes and has too much importance. Remember that there is nothing to achieve without hardworking. Keep your all focus on hardworking. Tried to find possibilities which may helpful to resolve your problems. Use these possibilities in true sense. It will be sure that you will get your desired result with hardworking on these possibilities, because there is no problem in this world which has not its solution.Only thing which Brings Happiness The only thing we need to find out their solution possibilities. ALLAH gives you success in reward of hardworking. Keep trust on ALLAH Almighty and keep struggling with true spirits.Factors based on Hardworking

Hard working is basically consisting on following factors
  • Determination of Goal

  • Find out Possibilities to remove hurdles

  • Give Your Best

  • Keep Praying & Faith On ALLAH

  • Never Lose Your Hope

  • Keep Patients

Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes

Dear Reader, where hardworking considered as basic key of success, prayer and faith on ALLAH is also has its power to achieve the goal. Here we want to share 14 Beautiful Quran Quotes which brings lot of happiness in your boring and sad life. These 14 words are from 29 different verses of Holy Quran. These words will be recited separately and known as HUROOF-E-MUQATIYAT (Beautiful Quran Quotes). Just read these words once in morning and in evening with complete faith on ALLAH Almighty. The hurdles in way to achieve success will automatically be resolved. These words are shown in above figure.

Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes About Life & Love
Beautiful Quran Quotes In Urdu

beautiful quran quotes in urdu

Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes 2

Quran Quotes Verses About Life & Love

Get Success by Beautiful Quran Quotes
Ayat E Qutab

ayat e qutab

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