Main Causes of Female Infertility And Its Solution

Main Causes of Female Infertility And Its Solution
Main Causes of Female Infertility And Its Solution

Congenital defects may be associated with a hereditary transmitted predisposition to disease or genetic, morphological disorders due to exposure to mutagenic agents. A girl is born with hypoplasia, absence, or wrong structure of the female reproductive structures, such as a saddle, bicornuate uterus, Fallopian tubes atresia, absence of the ovaries. Under certain chromosomal disorders woman is unable to conceive. Hereditarily determined compositions of all internal fluids, including cervical mucus. It may be too thick for sperm movement or antisperm contain ingredients that inactivate male sex cells.

As an inheritance passed to the early onset of menopause, length of the menstrual cycle. When the cycle is longer than 35 days or shorter than 21 days are not viable egg. Infertility can occur throughout life. It is a frequent cause of abortion, after the operation formed scars, adhesions, endometrial growths that impede the process of conception. In severe traumatic brain injuries suffer pituitary hormonal function. Follicle-stimulating, luteinizing hormones begin to be produced in quantities perverted, disturbed regulatory processes, there is a dysfunction of the ovaries.

Surgery for abdominal diseases are fraught with the development of adhesive disease, compression, compression, Fallopian tubes scars. Inflammatory processes of female sex organs and their surrounding tissues can also lead to pipe blockage. Calculate the causes of female infertility, appoint adequate treatment – gynecological problem. In many cases, women’s health can improve. Examinations and tests for infertility are held at the complex. Shall clinical, biochemical analyzes, determined by the level of sex hormones, multifaceted analysis of swabs from the vagina and cervix. The doctor puts the diagnosis, selects the treatment regimen of infertility. In severe cases, chosen alternative solutions to the problem, such as IVF. Early diagnosis gives a better chance to return the woman’s health.


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