Kisi se Apni Baat Manwane ki Dua in Urdu

Kisi se Apni Baat Manwane ki Dua in Urdu
Kisi se Apni Baat Manwane ki Dua in Urdu
Apni Baat Manwane ki Dua

It is very difficult to convince someone with your point of view OR thinking. There is something common when he / she agreed with your proposal. However, it depends on your presentation, body gestures & specially your behavior. The lack of appropriate words or bad behavior can lead dis-heart the 2nd person & he will refuse your idea without wastage of any time.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can convince somebody for convincing them about your idea. There are some easy tricks, which describe your view point  idea in better responsive way.

How to Convince Someone

First of all you must have to know about view point of other party. Take the view point and write the weak points.  Also see that what is common between you and other party.

After getting analysis, you have to write next that “How you can deny the other party point of view”.

For this purpose, just simply answer as other party to yourself. For example, if the same idea presented by someone other to you, what will your thinking? Just make a questionnaire and answer all the queries with best possible answers. This is called home work. 

Finalizing of weak point analysis, you have to need power the common thoughts data. For this purpose, prepare a list of common (agreed point of view) thoughts. Next, create a sub list against each point, which make your idea more strong. The thing is most important to track the other party into agreed way.

It is the simply and best method for convincing somebody with your point of view.

Apni Baat Manwane Ka Wazifa

Apni Baat Manwane Ka Wazifa

shohar se baat manane ka wazifa

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