Tips for online earning

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Tips For Online Earning Can you hear or see any application that is not only free but you can also earn some money through this application. Here I tell you {Read More}

Benefits of the Anaar

Benefits of the Anaar

September 27, 2016 admin 0

Benefits of the Pomegranate, Anaar This article is about benefits of the Pomegranate(Anaar). Pomegranate is one of the greatest gifts of Allah to mankind. There is a mention of Pomegranate {Read More}

Fingerprint Currency

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Fingerprint Currency Forget ATM; now fingers will be used to pay money! Tourists in Japan’s Tokyo will soon be able to use their fingers as currency! Japan is all set to {Read More}

Electric Shock Clock

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Electric Shock Clock Wake-up, or else, you will get an electric shock… Do you always get up late in the morning? Do you have the habit of snoozing your alarm {Read More}

Mobile Performance optimization

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Mobile Performance optimization Devices for mobility services: Trillions of bytes of data in the form of images, videos, app data, business transactions, GPS information and social media updates is being {Read More}

Transparent wireless glass keyboard

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Transparent wireless glass keyboard This article is about Transparent wireless glass keyboard. Wish your keyboard looked like it was actually from this century? Then check out this cool new Transparent {Read More}