Desi Totkay For Weight Gain In Urdu

Desi Totkay For Weight Gain In Urdu

Anjeer, also known as figs, can be a part of a healthy diet for weight loss or weight gain, depending on how they are consumed and how much is consumed.

Figs are a good source of fiber, which can help promote feelings of fullness and may help reduce overall calorie intake, which can be helpful for weight loss. Additionally, figs are relatively low in calories, with one medium-sized fig containing around 37 calories.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that figs are also relatively high in natural sugars, with one medium-sized fig containing around 9 grams of sugar. Consuming too many figs or other high-sugar foods can contribute to weight gain, especially if calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure.

Figs For Weight Gain

Figs are rich in calories, protein and healthy fats. Figs can be beneficial for those who are concerned about their slim body. Eating figs helps in weight gain. Figs are also a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium and calcium. It strengthens muscles and bones. But today we are going to tell you about the ways in which figs can be used for weight gain. Read the next article for that.

How To Eat Anjeer For Weight Gain
1. Figs With Milk For Weight Gain

If you are worried about your thin body and want to gain weight, then consuming figs with milk can be beneficial. A mixture of dry figs and milk makes you gain weight fast. For this, add 3-4 dry figs in a glass of milk. Cook it well and drink it. You can eat it in other ways if you like. For this, first eat 3-4 figs, then drink a glass of lukewarm milk. Drinking fig milk daily for a few weeks will help you gain weight faster.

2. Eat Figs And Raisins Together

Both dried figs and raisins are rich in nutrients. If you want to gain weight, using both of them together is effective. Both figs and raisins contain healthy fats. For this, soak 8-10 raisins and 3-4 figs in water overnight. Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also drink their water if you want. Due to this you will gain weight slowly.

3. Figs And Yogurt Together

Figs and yogurt are extremely beneficial in weight gain. Often these two are used to gain weight. But if figs and yogurt are eaten together, you can get rid of your slim body forever. Yes, fig and yogurt smoothie is effective in weight gain. You can also add raisins, dates, walnuts and almonds. This smoothie is very tasty and nutritious. Drinking it daily also removes the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. It is also beneficial to drink figs, dried grapes and almonds mixed with milk.

4. Anjeer And Oats

Oats are a healthy breakfast. Although it is eaten for weight loss, if eaten with figs, it can make you gain weight. For this you add milk and small pieces of figs in fruit oats. Let it cook, you can add other colorful fruits to it. This will help you gain weight.

5. Anjeer And Dates Milkshake Benefits

You can also take figs and dates for weight gain. For this you can make a fig and date milkshake. Along with this fig and date pudding is also beneficial.

6. Anjeer Ka Halwa

Fig pudding is also helpful in weight gain. For this you can eat fig pudding for breakfast. For this, first soak the figs. Then grind it in the mixture and make a powder. Grind some almonds along with it. Now make the mixture of both of them like halwa.

Weight Gain Diet Plan In Urdu 1

Weight Gain Diet Plan In Urdu

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