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Medical Guide App Find Medicines With Prices

Find best Pakistani medicines online with its actual company prices by entering only disease name. We are not familiar with the exact medicine against disease as well as its price. Also sometimes we are only know the name of medicines without knowing its actual ingredients by using Medical Guide App. 

Today we have to share with all of you a unique and amazing android application. This android application contains many off line feature such as

  • Find Pakistani Medicines by Brand

  • Search Pakistani Medicines by Disease

  • Search Drug Stores in Pakistan

  • Find Pakistani Medicine Alternatives

  • Know Pakistani Medicines Prices

The other upcoming features of this android application are
  • Hospital Near from you

  • Doctor Near from you

  • Ambulance call (Area wise)

  • Pharmacies located in your area

Here method of simply use this android application are described below for your guidance
Pakistani Medicines by Brand

If you want to search any Pakistani medicine online by brand, use this feature as shown in figure. You have only need to enter brand name once. This application will give you result all the related and available Pakistani Medicines in short time. In figure, I want to enter the name “Panadol”. Result will come as a complete brand list with its company name;

Moreover, when you click to any result, such as you select “Panadol”, it will further provides you three more things;

Available forms (liquid, Tabs, suspension, Or Drops)

Included Drugs (What is included or ingredients)

Alternative Brands

Search Pakistani Medicines by Disease

If you doesn’t want to find the medicines by giving its brand name, the application has the feature “search by disease”. For this purpose you have only to need to enter disease name. For example, if you are suffering from ear pain, given it on specific field. Click on search button. A complete list of effective medicines will comes in result. You can further choose any one as suitable with respect to symptoms. It is a better way to find a Pakistani Medicines Online.

Find Pakistani Medicine Alternatives

In this android application, only available medicines are enlisted. However, in case of any hurdle of medicine in local market, the feature “Alternative medicine” is also included. This feature will help you to find alternatives medicines in local market instead of desired one.

Pakistani Medicines Prices

One most amazing feature of this health app is pricing of Pakistani medicines. You can know the actual company price of a medicine now. Pricing feature saves your money and nobody will take extra charges. This is because you know the actual price of a medicine.

In the end, we strongly recommend to every Pakistani mobile use for installation of this free health application. As it is necessary for any one with respect to necessity described as above.

You can easily find Best Pakistani Medicines for all kind of diseases like Cancer treatment, Headache or Migraine, Prostate Glands Treatment with the help of this android application. You can download Medical Guide App from link given below.

Pakistani Medicines Prices

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Medical Guide App

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