Cure Diseases With Fruit

Heartbeat Treatment With Fruit

Take 500 grams grewia (Falsa) extract it and mix 250 grams Rose Petal, 750 grams sugar. Mixed all these things and make syrup. Drink this syrup two or three times a day with water. In a few days you will get rid of heart beat problem and feel better.

Stomach Pain Treatment With Fruit

For heavy stomach, vomiting, irritation in the food drain. Take 500 grams grewia (Falsa) 250 grams  sugar and mix them to make syrup. Take three to four teaspoons of  this syrup after meal and you will get rid of stomach pain and irritation in the food drain.

Diabetes Treatment With Fruit

Take grewia (Falsa) tree upper skin (Jaal) and cut it into small pieces and mixed it with half weight of this upper skin with cottonseed,  1 ltr water and salt (as desired) . Drink this syrup three to four times in a day after drinking this syrup two or three week regularly your diabetes level is under control.

Vomiting And Fever Treatment With Fruit

Take Tamarind pickle (imali) 250 grams dip it in the water for 6 hours. After 6 hours extract this water with a soft and clean cotton cloth and mix sugar in it. This water is very useful remedy for fever, nausea and vomiting. This water is also useful for hot heat stock in summer.

 Liver Weakness Treatment With Fruit

 Take 750 grams dry damson and dip it into water for whole night and drink this damson juice 3 or 4 times in a day. This juice is very useful for those people who were tired due to heavy workload and due to this their stomach is disorder. This juice remove irritation and stomach pain and make stomach strong in a few days. This is very useful drink for people who have a weak liver.

Hair Falling Treatment With Fruit

Take leaves of plum trees  (bari k pate) , dip into water and boil this water for 2 hours . Wash your hair with this. Keep it this method for daily for  three months. After three months your hair falling problem will be control.

Abdomen Pain Treatment With Fruit

Take pomegranate seed and sprinkle them with salt and ground pepper(kali merch). Eat this seed of  pomegranate after every one hour. You will immediately relief from bell pain and you feel relax.

Digestive Disorders Treatment With Fruit

Today Seventy percent of the population pleads digestive disorders problem. Eat three orange in the morning at break fast or one glass of orange juice and five orange in day time or two glass of orange juice, kept on using it. After few days you will be recovered from digestive disorders problem.

Treatment With Fruit in Urdu


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