SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX Receiver Software Free Download

Starsat SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX Receiver Software
SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX  Receiver Software Free Download

Here I am sharing Latest Software of Starsat SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX  Receiver Software Free Download Latest Software Update Free Download For Starsat SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX   Receiver. SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX  Receiver New PowerVU Key Software is the latest software for this model. The new software works fine with new PowerVu keys of all Sony network and other channels. Restart your receiver after completion of software upgradation.

How To Install Latest Starsat SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX Receiver New Software

To install this software you need download the file from the link given below.

Starsat SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX Receiver New Software

1.        Copy the files on your flash drive.

2.        Connect your flash drive to your receiver and complete the upgradation process.

3.        After installing the PowerVU software restart your receiver.

Done!. Enjoy.

File Name:     SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX_V2.85

File Size:       2.58 MB

File Type:     application/zip

SR-2090HD-VEGA-MAX Receiver Software Free Download

Download Link

It is also important to note that symbol rate, polarity and frequency should be the same when you tune your channels but Powervu Key are changed by the channels administrations at any time. We get these Powervu keys from Internet and it is for informational or testing purpose only.

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