How To Reduce Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

How To Reduce Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

Some latest medical research shows that most of the deaths in the world are due to high cholesterol level in blood. You may know many people around you who are overweight and have high cholesterol. If you want to control high cholesterol then read this article. Here are some tips to control cholesterol levels in blood to prevent sudden heart attack.

Use Of Ginger juice

Ginger juice have properties to thin the blood, it have naturally ability to reduce pain upto 90%.

Use of Garlic Juice

The allicin element in Garlic lowers cholesterol and Blood Pressure that help to opens the heart blockage.

Lemon juice

With high amount of Vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium in Lemon Juice cleanse the blood. They increase immunity against the disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar contains 90 types of ingredients that relax all the nerves of the body, clear the stomach and relieve fatigue. It is best for reduce cholesterol especially bad cholesterol. Mix one tablespoons of apple cider with half glass of water and drink it with empty stomach for better result. This remedy is also best for weight lose quickly.

Remedy To Reduce Cholesterol

Take a cup of lemon juice,  a cup of ginger juice, a cup of garlic juice,  a cup of apple cider vinegar. Combine these four things and heat over low heat.

When three cups are left, cool it for some time. Now mix 3 cups of honey in it.

Take 3 tablespoons of this mixture daily on an empty stomach in the morning, which will eliminate all blockages, open the arteries and reduce the chances of heart attack.

Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

Medical research k mutabiq is waqat dunya main sab se ziyada death cholesterol barhne ki waja se heart attack se hoti hein. Aap aesay bohat se logon ko jante hon gay jin ka cholesterol level barha huwa hai. Agar app apna cholesterol level control karma chatey hain tu ye article aap ki help kar sakta ha. Is article main hum aap ko cholesteril level control karne ke kuch tips batayen gay jis par amal kar ke aap cholesterol control kar k heart attack se bach sakte hein.

Adrak Ka Juice Ka Istimal

Adrak ka juice khoon ko patla karta hai, ye dard ko qudrati tarike se 90% tak kam karta hai.

Lehsan Ka Juice Ka Istimal

Lehsan main mojood allicin cholesterol aur Blood Pressure ko kam karta hai aur dil ke blockage ko kholta hai.

Apple Cider Sirka Ka Istimal

Apple cider sirka main 90 qisam ke elements hain jo jism k saray aesab ko kholte hein, pait saaf karte hein aur thakawat ko mitate hein. 

Cholesterol Kam Karnay Ka Desi Nuska

1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup adrak ka juice, 1 cup lehsan ka juice, 1 cup apple cider sirka lain. In sab chezon achi tara mila kar dheemi aanch par garam karein. Jab 3 cup reh jaye to ise thanda kar lein.

Ab is mein 3 cup honey (Honey) mila lein. Roz is mixture k 3 chammach subah khali pait pee lein. Is nuska k istemal se blood main sari blockage khatam ho jayegi, sharyanein khul jayengi aur heart attach ka katra katam ho jaye ga.

High Cholesterol Treatment At Home

High Cholesterol Treatment At Home

Cholesterol Control Karnay Ka Asan Nuskha

Cholesterol Control Karnay Ka Asan Nuskha

Cholesterol Aur Motape Ka ilaj

Cholesterol Aur Motape Ka ilaj

Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

Cholesterol Ka Ilaj

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