Chinese Treatment For Liver And Kidney Disorders

Chinese Treatment For Liver And Kidney Disorders
Chinese Treatment For Liver And Kidney Disorders
Press This Point Few Minutes to Avoid Liver and Kidney Disorders

If you want to be protected from liver and kidney disease, so the best treatment is Chinese acupressure pressure therapies . You will just have to press a few minutes to places in the body and solve your problem. Chinese experts say that by pressing the point “Zu San Li” in our body can prevent hundreds of diseases.

Chinese experts say, this place is a little down from the knee. Now sit on the floor to find her place and with legs straight, keep your hands fingers on the knee. To search this point, sit on the floor with straight legs and Keep your fingers on the knee. This point is located between your first and the last finger. By pressing you can protect from liver and kidney disease. Follow this place, clockwise massage with your fingers or a grain of rice or wheat. Repeat this process on the other leg. If you want to peel garlic in the same place they were tied up.

Treatment For Liver And Kidney Disorders

Treatment For Liver And Kidney Disorders

An hour later, he would take off it will be helpful to massage.  A few minutes to massage it and pressing it will work better for your liver and out of the ‘bile’ will remove toxins from the body. Similarly, your kidneys will work more effectively while remaining protected from infection. With these two things, your metabolism will be faster and weight control. Due to this point your heart will be stronger, blood pressure and sugar will remain normal.


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