Benefits of Ya Raheem Ya Raheem

Ya Raheem Ya Raheem

Ya Raheemu is one of the 99 names of Allah. The benefits of recite Ya Raheem is umpteen.  I shall discuss a few of them here. Ya Raheem which is the  good names of Allah, Raheem means Allah is omni love to every one. Allah who love most of us although someone who does not believe in the existence of Allah. Allah will give whatever we need whether we ask for it or we do not ask for it for example fresh air or oxygen so we will always grateful to Allah.

Benefits of Ya Raheem Ya Raheem Recitation

 Excessive recitation of Ya Raheem beneficial for increase in Rizq and to overcome poverty, misery, sickness, loneliness or any adversity and to full fill any need. Ya Raheem has ability to resolved Marriage issues, overcome financial issues and also beneficial for richness and wealth, to overpower enemies, to find good job, to win a court’s case, to get children, for rain, defeat enemies and is also best for incurable diseases. So recited this name of Allah on regular basis.

People who recited Ya Raheem 500 times will get wealth. Recite Ya Raheem 555 after Fajur prayer to get every wish. Write Ya Raheem and wash with clean water and give this water to roots of plants to get more fruit. Recite Ya Raheem 100 times to get respect from people.

Wazifa to Restored Relationship  

Wazifa for wining your lover’s Heart

This amal is specifically beneficial for those people who had an altercation with someone and want normalcy restored in their relationship. If you have quarreled with a friend of yours but you want him back in your life then this wafiz of Ya Raheem is quite effective. This amal is also helpful in winning your lover’s heart and in making your lover comply with your wishes.

Read Ya Raheem 300 times after every namaz.

Read Duraud Shareef 11 times before and after reciting Ya Raheem

After reading this one should pray to Allah that “Oh Allah, please make my friend (name of friend) who is the son of (mother name) friendly to wards to me. If you do not know your friend’s mother name then say Motehr Hawwa (Eve) instead and imagine your frined’s face at that time so that the moakkils of this amal can easily trace him and make him friendly towards you.

Benefits of Ya Raheem Ya Raheem In Urdu

Benefits of Ya Raheem Ya Raheem In Urdu

Wazifa for love Between Husband and Wife

Wazifa for Ending Quarrel

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